Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain in Dubai at 17 Degrees Celsius

After 6 and a half hours of sitting in the plane from Singapore, we finally arrived in Dubai. And I coudnt believe what my eye was seeing upon landing. It was the only time I appreciate Dubai. There was a huge rain clouds forming in the area where Burj Dubai is, therefore you can only see the upper half of these sky crappers. It was an amazing view. However, i didnt get a good picture of it *sad* ( it was too late when i found my camera).

Meanwhile, plane landed safely, thanks God!

As we exited the airport terminal, another amazing sightings we saw.. it was the rain! Going back to the time I used to work in Dubai, I only saw rain 6 times in 3 years. So i was really happy to see the rain in Dubai.

On our way to the hotel, it was really traffic. Traffic here, traffic there and traffic everywhere. Unbelievable!

The air was cool, as our taxi driver opened the car window, we could really feel the cool breeze. It was amazing and my husband loves it!

Oh well, I hope Emirati people realized that this rain is a blessing from God ;o)

Today is a good day, but still cool. I would say, its around 18 degrees celcius. I am planning to go get some groceries then meet old friends later at my most favorite restaurant... the Noodle house!!

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