Monday, December 14, 2009

Noodle House Emirates Towers Dubai

I should admit, it was really a good dinner. I usually go for my favorite Duck with pancake but i decided to eat something healthy, so I ordered Mixed vegetables which was awesome. They are having a specialty in the house for this coming Christmas as well.

Not only the food was extra ordinary for this dinner, but also I met my old friends Loida, Dante and Metos. We used to work at the Noodle house Emirates Towers some 4 years ago. I had so much fun working with them.
This was us before

And this is us now

It was amazing how time slip so past. It felt like only yesterday I was working so hard, running here and there, serving so many people whom some did not appreciate our kindness and care.

But hey, I also met a lot of nice people from Noodle haus. I made a lot of friends that will always remain in my heart.

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