Sunday, December 20, 2009

The birth of "Rose of Sharon"

Today I got up so early and had coffee with the love of my life, Jim. It is a lovely day and it is really nice to start with a kiss and a glimpse of a sunrise. Nothing is more perfect than this.

Then I told my self, it is a good day to start with "Rose of Sharon". I am really excited about it..

Will let you know the update on her soon. Meanwhile, I will enjoy stitching while spending the holiday with my whole family.

Happy holidays everyone.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The "I Love You with Bear"

August 25th, It is the time of the year when my brain crack out thinking of what to give for my husband's birthday. This year, I thought of something thoughtful and personal. I found this "I Love You" cross stitch at this shop called "The Knotty Shop" located in Bras Basah Singapore for only Sing$14. I stitched it for 5 days nonstop, and then I put my favorite photo with it and framed it my self. I bought this frame at IKEA for only Sing $9. I remembered, Jim called me while I was buying the frame. He asked me where I was, and out of nowhere, I said "Im in the bookstore, just looking around before i go home".. I was bad in telling lies, you see..hahaha

Anyway, while shopping for the frame, I found a nice 3-picture set frame. My brain lighted like a bulb with this great idea. I thought of the nice sunset photos I took during our weekend getaway in Langkawi, so i put them together and converted it in an amazing gift which Jim really loves.

Noodle House Emirates Towers Dubai

I should admit, it was really a good dinner. I usually go for my favorite Duck with pancake but i decided to eat something healthy, so I ordered Mixed vegetables which was awesome. They are having a specialty in the house for this coming Christmas as well.

Not only the food was extra ordinary for this dinner, but also I met my old friends Loida, Dante and Metos. We used to work at the Noodle house Emirates Towers some 4 years ago. I had so much fun working with them.
This was us before

And this is us now

It was amazing how time slip so past. It felt like only yesterday I was working so hard, running here and there, serving so many people whom some did not appreciate our kindness and care.

But hey, I also met a lot of nice people from Noodle haus. I made a lot of friends that will always remain in my heart.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain in Dubai at 17 Degrees Celsius

After 6 and a half hours of sitting in the plane from Singapore, we finally arrived in Dubai. And I coudnt believe what my eye was seeing upon landing. It was the only time I appreciate Dubai. There was a huge rain clouds forming in the area where Burj Dubai is, therefore you can only see the upper half of these sky crappers. It was an amazing view. However, i didnt get a good picture of it *sad* ( it was too late when i found my camera).

Meanwhile, plane landed safely, thanks God!

As we exited the airport terminal, another amazing sightings we saw.. it was the rain! Going back to the time I used to work in Dubai, I only saw rain 6 times in 3 years. So i was really happy to see the rain in Dubai.

On our way to the hotel, it was really traffic. Traffic here, traffic there and traffic everywhere. Unbelievable!

The air was cool, as our taxi driver opened the car window, we could really feel the cool breeze. It was amazing and my husband loves it!

Oh well, I hope Emirati people realized that this rain is a blessing from God ;o)

Today is a good day, but still cool. I would say, its around 18 degrees celcius. I am planning to go get some groceries then meet old friends later at my most favorite restaurant... the Noodle house!!


So we arrived at Changi Airport, we have an hour and a half before we catch the plane to Dubai, so i went and walked around the Duty free for a while. Until I found my self in MAC shop, my most favorite store, I love MAC make up!

I found this MAC Haute High Jinks Warm mini pigments. It has 5 pigments such as Reflects Gold, Jardin Aires, Rushmetal, Copperized and Museum Bronze. Nice colors for only Sing $67!

I also bought this "Put a spell on you" pink lip bag. This set is inclusive of Dream Glaze lipstic,Dervish Lip pencil and baby sparks Dazzleglass lipgloss. Amazing Buy for only Sing $62!

Ohhh, Im so excited to try my new shades!!!

So at last we got on the plane off to Dubai through Singapore Airlines. And guess what??? we have those old planes that do not have the movies on demand. I hate it because you have to watch what the plane programmed you to watch. Anyway, there were no good movies on as well. They didnt even have the "Twillight: New Moon".. So I ended up watching "crap" movies. But dont get me wrong, Im still grateful ;o)

After few hours of watching I got really tired.I started to feel a backache and my migraine is attacking.. Oh no!!! I feel so tired!!

I Cant wait to reach the hotel!!

Stitching until late

Another sleepless night, nothing to do but wait for Mr. Sandman to come while cross stitching. Im so glad cross stitch was discovered, otherwise i will kill my self by staring at the ceiling.

Anyway, I was so engrossed doing my project and i didnt notice the time. It was already 35 minutes past midnight.

I almost finish the flowers on Fairy Flora's wing. Im so satisfied with it ;o)

Meanwhile, I gotta get some sleep. We need to get up early and catch the train from KL Central to KL International airport. It will be a long flight going to Dubai.

I forced my self to sleep and before i know it, it was already time to wake up *grrrrr*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I miss you Frosie

I'd never thought i will miss you this much.. YOu are the best friend I've ever had. I remember how you rescued me at times i needed a friend, and for that I really treasure you.

Life is very ironic. We found each other's company and found out that we two can be best friend. Only to find out that soon you have to go to US. I was sad but I know that our path will soon cross again..

See you soon best friend!!