Monday, December 14, 2009

The "I Love You with Bear"

August 25th, It is the time of the year when my brain crack out thinking of what to give for my husband's birthday. This year, I thought of something thoughtful and personal. I found this "I Love You" cross stitch at this shop called "The Knotty Shop" located in Bras Basah Singapore for only Sing$14. I stitched it for 5 days nonstop, and then I put my favorite photo with it and framed it my self. I bought this frame at IKEA for only Sing $9. I remembered, Jim called me while I was buying the frame. He asked me where I was, and out of nowhere, I said "Im in the bookstore, just looking around before i go home".. I was bad in telling lies, you see..hahaha

Anyway, while shopping for the frame, I found a nice 3-picture set frame. My brain lighted like a bulb with this great idea. I thought of the nice sunset photos I took during our weekend getaway in Langkawi, so i put them together and converted it in an amazing gift which Jim really loves.

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